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Winter Season




The ANTARES **** chalet gives you 2 possible skiable areas:


  • Courchevel / La Tania Valley :

Altitude of the skiable area 1300m-2700m 150 km of runs, 528 acres of maintained runs. 120 runs with a difference in height of about 20,000 m, 27 green runs, 44 blue, 40 red, 9 black, over 50% of the runs are suitable for beginners and average skiers. Also, 563 snow machines (1/3 of the area covered) and 63 ski lifts.





  • Les 3 Valleys : Courchevel, Méribel, Les Ménuires and Val Thorens :

Courchevel, Méribel, Les Ménuires, Val Thorens (altitude of the skiable area 1300m-3230m) : 600 km of runs, 1842 acres of maintained runs, 335 runs with a difference in height of 60,000 m, 48 green runs, 135 blue, 119 red, 33 black. Also, 1920 snow machines and 183 ski lifts.



Winter Activities :

  • Skiing :


Treat yourself to the best skiing possibilities on the slopes of Courchevel or the 3 Valleys. Courchevel offers a whole range of different passes, whether you are skiing alone, with the family or friends.





  • Snow Cat Driving :


Are you impressed and intrigued by the piste bashers which prepare the trails? Discover the sensation of driving such a machine by taking the controls of a snow groomer accompanied by a driver / copilot to show you how it works and guide you. Maison de la Montagne - 33 (0) 479 22 16 71




  • Torchlit Descent :



Discover new sensations by skiing at night with just the light of a torch and with no other noise than the gliding of your skis across the snow and the crackling of the flame!